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beautiful manicures in the heart of Mangawhai

About Gloss
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Gloss Nail Salon

Come and experience my private salon in the heart of Mangawhai Village, located within Glow Collective. Gloss Nail Salon is led by fully certified Luxury Manicurist & Senior Nail Technician, Jessica Whiting. We use professional, quality nail systems from Kokoist Japan and The Gel Bottle Incpaired with Famous Names organic Dadi cuticle oils, scrubs and IBX Repair & Strengthening systems, to ensure you get the best treatment for your nails.

At Gloss Nail Salon, your nail health and hygiene are paramount. We don't do any wet services that soak your hands or feet, why? Because services like this leave you exposed to potentially dangerous bacteria and infections which can cause long-term nail damage. All files and buffers are single-use, and all tools and surfaces are sterilised and disinfected using hospital-grade products between clients for your safety.

Each service is tailored to your needs and lifestyle, giving everything you need and nothing you don't. Your nails will be prepped using industry best practice procedures, including high-end dry manicure preparation with diamond-coated tools, this ensures that your nails are kept healthy and strong while maintaining the integrity of your polish or enhancement so that it lasts!

Training is never finished, and I am continuously up-skilling in both techniques and products.

Gloss Nail Salon is a proud member of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals and offers a safe space and gender-neutral salon that is open to everyone.



Every service at Gloss Nails includes detailed dry cuticle prep using high-quality, diamond-coated tools, nail shaping and gentle buffing, finished with a sumptuous hot towel and professional quality cuticle oil.

Gel Manicure

Using a strong 'rubber base' to ensure the best longevity of your manicure. Includes existing polish/gel applied by Gloss Nails removal, nail shaping, detailed cuticle work, buffing, long-lasting gel polish of your choice (does not include hand-painted nail art), finished with a hot towel and organic cuticle oil.

1 to 1.5 hours

from $85

Deluxe Pedicure

Available with either gel polish, or polish-free options. Includes existing polish/gel applied by Gloss Nails removal, nail shaping, detailed cuticle work, buffing and long-lasting rubber-base and gel polish of your choice. Followed with a luxurious scrub, nourishing mask with hot towel wrap, followed by aa moisturising lotion and finished with cuticle oil for nail health. Perfect as a treat for yourself, or someone special. 

1.5 hours

from $115

Blank Slate Gel Removal

Includes existing gel applied by Gloss Nails removal, nail shaping, detailed cuticle work and buff to a natural shine and finished with cuticle oil.

1 hour


BIAB Manicure

A Gloss Salon signature service, includes existing polish/gel applied by Gloss Nails removal, nail shaping, detailed cuticle work, buffing, followed by a Structured Overlay using builder gel (BIAB) for added strength (no added length, does not include nail art), long-lasting gel polish of your choice, finished with cuticle oil for nail health. An overlay is suited to those with long or short nails and is great for those wishing to add strength to aid in natural growth (especially nail biters!). 

1.5 hours

from $125

Polish-Free Manicure

Includes a cuticle tidy, nail shaping and buff to a high, natural shine and finished with nourishing hand lotion and cuticle oil.

Suitable for anyone and everyone wanting to give their nails some TLC.

1 hour


Deluxe Manicure Upgrade

Turn any manicure into a special treat! Includes a luxurious scrub, nourishing mask with hot towel wrap, followed by a moisturising lotion and finished cuticle oil.

30 mins



Perfect for those wanting to get a jump start to grow strong, long and healthy nails. Extensions are created with either full cover pre-formed tips (for temporary 2-3 week wear and can be soaked off after rebalancing up to 2 times) or sculpted extensions (for long-term, continuous wear, file off only and are rebalanced with Hard Gel).


All extensions include nail shaping and advanced cuticle prep with diamond-coated tools, your new nails are finished with a plain single-colour gel polish of your choice (nail art extra), a hot towel and cuticle oil.


Price varies depending on your chosen final length.

2 to 2.5 hours

from $135

Nail Art

Creating custom nail art is always welcome in the salon! What can be done for you will depend on the time available during your appointment. Choose from the following when making your booking, or get in touch if you have specific inspiration:

  • Bronze: $8

  • Silver: $15

  • Gold: $30

  • Platinum: from $60

  • French Tips: $20

  • Chrome/Glazed Donut: $15

  • Ombre Tips: $18

Nail art is charged based on complexity of the design with additional costs for specialist items such as crystals or dried flowers.

$8 +

Add Ons

Gloss Nails offers a range of services you can add to your appointment

IBX Strengthen or Repair treatments..... $10 to $15

Nail repair/single sculpted extension..... from $12

Other salon removal..... $30

Silent appointment..... Free

By booking an appointment at Gloss Nails,
you are agreeing to our terms of service.

Meet Jess


Hi, I'm Jess

I'm all about making you feel beautiful through the little canvases at the tips of your fingers or toes. Gloss Nails is dedicated to ensuring you feel special, are looked after and leave mesmerised by your new nails.

I am a Luxury Manicurist and certified Nail Technician and firmly believe that nobody is ever 'fully qualified', as our training is an ongoing process. I chose to train with Monaco Nail Academy, which is known for its excellent technical training and I continue to grow and develop under their guidance with new products and techniques as courses become available.

I am also the Monaco Nail Academy Junior Mentor for the Northland region, offering in-person training which can be booked directly via their website.

Come and visit my stunning salon in the heart of Mangawhai Village and experience the Gloss treatment for yourself. 

Clay Texture


I have waited awhile to post my review until id been enough times to provide honest feed back, and here it is. You will not get a better nail tech in Mangawhai than Jess. She is meticulous & has an exceptional eye for detail. She absolutely prides herself on her work & care for your manicure. I wouldn't go anywhere else. What an absolute asset to Mangawhai.
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